Agharti, is a musical community, that was founded in year 2009 at the Basement Bar in the heart of Odessa.

In 2013 the idea of open-air electronic club came to life with Agharti on the sea side. That was transformed wave by wave, into a wide musical society, connecting music lovers from all over the world.

In 2015 Agharti Basement Bar launched non-commercial radio station

In 2017 Agharti changed summer location to an old soviet health resort, where an open music and art vibration started to flow.

Now it has expanded with camping zone, art gallery, open-air cinema, healthy food cafe, juice center, bar and semi-wild beach, where nothing can divert you from beautiful music, sea and sun. Agharti, on the sea side is literally a festival that continues all summer, with spiritual and peaceful ethnical mood.

It is 8 years since Agharti became the center of electronic positive vibes, which impact whole city of Odessa.

For many, it became a cozy ethnic space that serves vedic vegetarian food, plays non-commercial music and sells beautiful pieces of culture from different corners of the world.

We were called to share our philosophy with you!

Agharti welcomes you as a guest, as an artist, as a musician and most important as a friend!

Freedom. Peace. Love.
Sincerely yours
Creative team